With over 12 years of experiences in this business, Thermal Protection Services understands that the fire extinguisher bottle markets have a number of challenges. In addition to the cost of a new bottle, there are concerns about disposal and recertification. Reconditioning fire extinguisher bottles saves you time and money. Leave the hard work to us so that you can spend your time working on the things that truly matter.  

Our state-of-the art rebuild program brings your bottles back to their original perfection. As the only authorized distributor for the Kidde Technologies Commercial Ground Vehicle product line, we offer you Kidde fire extinguisher bottle rebuilds at a better price than anyone else in the United States. Plus, our fully reconditioned Kidde fire extinguisher bottles are only a fraction of the cost of brand-new bottles.

Our program is pretty simple. First, contact us to place your order for a fire extinguisher bottle rebuild. Then, we will get right to work! How quickly we begin the physical work may depend on the type of fire extinguisher bottle you have. In some cases, we can begin working on the rebuild as soon as we process the order, whereas some rebuilds may require you to ship the product to our facility if it is not in stock.

We want you to be as comfortable with our products as we are. That's why we use top-quality manufacturers, like Amerex Corporation, that hold a reputation for excellence in this industry. We also carefully inspect every single part of your fire suppression system before it leaves our facility.

We start by making sure that each bottle is depressurized and evacuated of all powder or foam. The discharge port and accessory components are then disassembled for inspection for any imperfections. The bottle paint is stripped, allowing us to examine raw metal for dents or cracks, interior corrosion, and any other imperfection that might lead to a situation where the performance of your system might be negatively impacted. The bottle is then hydrostatically tested to check its outer diameter, pressure retention capacity, and any leaks that may cause further damage. The bottle is dried out, primed with new paint, labeled, then placed in standby mode until an order comes through!

Each of our rebuilt fire extinguisher bottles receive a new date stamp that certifies that the bottle is good for another 6 years before we ship it back to your facility! We typically ship via FedEx or an equivalent shipper.  

Our Kidde fire extinguisher rebuilds start at about $650 for standard bottles with varying prices for more advanced bottles.

Thermal Protection Services is the premier source for thermal protection products on the market today. Our dedication to quality fire extinguisher bottles and customer service will ensure that your fire extinguisher bottles are rebuilt with excellence.

And speaking of fire, what puts it out other than a sturdy hose? We can help with that too!

We know that in the heat of the moment, you don't want to stop what you're doing to find a replacement hose, which is why we're here to help you out with your hydraulic line needs. Whether it's a custom-made hose, a repair, or a simple fitting, we've got you covered. We can ship it out or bring us your damaged hose and we'll replace it while you wait! Thermal Protection Services knows all about making custom hoses for air/water, fire and suction/discharge applications.

We’ve been proven to provide excellent customer service with:

  • Over 100+ years of combined experience among our team of experts
  • Excellence Certificates: We are the only Kidde™ authorized distributor of Commercial Ground Vehicle parts, and have our ISO 9001 Certification.
  • Timely service and responses

We are proud to service all of North America. Give us a call or email us your specific needs and we'll get back to you with an estimate as soon as possible.

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