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Kidde Technologies Fire Suppression Extinguisher Bottle Rebuild

Whether you’ve had an accidental discharge, or have bottles that need recertification, our fire extinguisher bottle program is prepared to meet your needs for speed and reliability. As the only authorized distributor for Kidde Technologies Commercial Ground Vehicle product line, Thermal Protection Services is able to provide recertified Kidde fire extinguisher bottle rebuilds at a lower cost than any competitor in the country. Our rebuild program follows aerospace guidelines, giving our customers completely and professionally reconditioned bottles that are as good as new, for close to half the cost of a brand new fire extinguisher bottle.

How does the bottle rebuild program work?

When you have a bottle that needs to be rebuilt, contact us first to place an order. In most cases, once your order is placed, we will begin work on your rebuilt extinguisher right away. Depending on the type of bottle you have, we may require you ship the bottle to our facility before work can begin. Once we locate stock or receive your bottle, our rebuild team goes to work. All bottles follow aerospace inspection and reconditioning guidelines.

What does that entail?

  • Safe bottle depressurization and powder evacuation
  • Discharge port and accessory component disassembly
  • Rigorous inspection for inner and outer diameter, interior corrosion and pitting, dents and cracks and any other imperfection that may lead to a situation where the performance of the fire suppression system might be negatively impacted
  • Bottle paint is stripped
  • Raw metal exterior inspected
  • Hydrostatic testing – check outer diameter, pressure retention, and leaks
  • Bottle is dried, primed, painted, labeled, and in most cases, placed in a standby location to await an order

If we have your bottle in stock, we can immediately assemble the discharge port and accessory components. The bottle is then filled with the appropriate fire extinguishing agent, sealed, and pressurized. Finally, the bottle receives a new date stamp indicating it is certified for another 6 years. After work is complete, the bottle will be shipped to your facility via FedEx or an equivalent shipper.

Is there a core charge?

Yes, we do require a $150 core charge on each bottle. When you place an order, we draw from an inventory of bottles we keep on hand that have been inspected for inside diameter, pitting, corrosion, dents, and have been hydrostatically tested. If a bottle meets the standard of acceptance, it will be accepted and your core charge will be credited back to your organization.

Total Cost of Rebuilds

One of our goals when this project began was to find a way to offer a competitively priced rebuilt bottle with the benefit of a 6 year certification. We are proud to say that we have succeeded in that goal. Thermal Protection Services offers Kidde fire extinguisher rebuild services starting at $650 for standard bottles. Bottles equipped with electronic pressure monitoring (EPM) start at $790. Download our promotional bottle rebuild flyer (link below) for more information, or call 833-433-3473 to speak with a representative.