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Kidde Technologies proudly introduces the Value Optimized Controller, the first fire detection and suppression controller built with paratransit and student transport vehicles in mind. The controller housing is sized to fit a standard rocker switch, making installation quick, easy and cost-effective. The Value Optimized Controller is designed to work with a complete offering of Kidde’s available heat and gas sensors, including our Dual Band Optical Detector and Gas Detection Sensor. The Value Optimized Controller can be configured to control engine shutdown, HVAC shutdown or even drive exterior lights once a fire is detected.

Benefits & Features

  • One low-voltage output
  • Single channel operation
  • Fits most common switch “knockouts” for easy installation
  • Built-in alert buzzer
  • Built-in manual discharge switch
  • Engineered to work with a variety of detection options
  • Works with 12V or 24V systems

Kidde’s Value Optimized Controller is designed to alert the driver of a fire or gas leak. Located in the operator’s area, the Value Optimized Controller displays a number of lights and sounds that indicate the status of the system. It is designed to fit into a standard Rocker-Switch Knock-Out Panel. E-Mark approved for Europe.
The Value Optimized Controller performs the following functions:

  • Continuously monitors detectors and the system for faults
  • Provides visual and audible warnings to the driver
  • Early warning signals can be integrated to control other vehicle systems; for example, HVAC, engine shutdown, lights, etc.

Temperature-             40°F to 185°F/-40°C to 85°C
Quiescent current-     < 10mA

FIRE DETECTION AND EXTINGUISHING-  Utilizes one fire extinguisher, Automatic discharge capability, Two-action manual discharge capability
GAS DETECTION ONLY-   Can accommodate five gas detection sensors to detect CNG and hydrogen