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The Kidde Mini-Display provides a clear visual indication following trouble or alarm conditions from all multifunctional Kidde controllers (KT107, KT400, KT600 and KT1200). When used with more advanced controllers (KT600 and KT1200), alarm messages can be tailored to customer requirements. The Mini-Display allows the driver to carry out several actions following an alarm. These include delaying system activation, silencing the external audible alarm and resetting the system after an event. The controller provides continuous monitoring and outputs signals which can be used to assist in activation of vehicle emergency protocols including turning off non-essential systems (e.g. HVAC, engine fans), de-rate or turn off engine, turn on hazard lights, evacuation of passengers and operation of the Kidde extinguishing system.


  • Up to 12 channels
  • Datalogging
  • Highly configurable setup using software
  • Continuously monitors detection and suppression system
  • Works with all Kidde detectors
  • Spot and linear thermal, optical, gas, smoke, pressure monitoring
  • LED indicators (audible alarms – external buzzer)
  • System OK – green (silent)
  • Trouble – yellow (intermittent)
  • Fire/overheat, gas or smoke alarm – red (solid)
  • Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus J1939 capable
  • Operates two Kidde extinguishers up to 60 seconds in 15 second increments

Voltage range-                   9 – 32 V
Quiescent current-            50mA @ 24V
Temperature range-          -25°C to 85°C/-13°F to 185°F