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The Linear Thermal Detector (LTD) is a twin conductor cable with a heat-sensitive covering protected by an outer sheath. In a fire or overheat condition, the heat sensitive covering melts, causing the conductors to short, which alarms the system.


  • Alarm temperature: 177°C/350°F
  • Maximum operating temperature: 105°C/221°F
  • Continuous detection over complete length of sensor
  • Simple assembly using suitable fixings (e.g. cable ties or P clamps)
  • LTD spacers protect against damage
  • Continuous line monitoring using Kidde end of line connector
  • Provides alarm signal to Kidde controllers

Activation occurs when the temperature-sensitive insulation on the two internal wires melt shorting the wires together. Detector is routed within hazard area.

Minimum bend radius-           3 in./75mm
Nominal current draw-           0mA
Alarm temperature-               350°F/177°C
Operating temperature-         221°F/105°C

Note: If the wire alarms to a fire, the wire must be replaced prior to returning the system to service.