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Product Description

Kidde’s driver interface panels are designed to alert the driver of a fire and/or gas leak. Located in the operator’s area, the panels will sound an alarm and display a number of lights that indicate the status of the system.


  • Single or dual detection channels
  • Highly configurable set-up
  • Continuously monitors detection and suppression system
  • Works with all Kidde detectors
  • Spot and linear thermal, optical, gas, smoke, pressure monitoring
  • LED indicators (audible alarms – external buzzer)
  • System OK – green (silent)
  • Trouble – yellow (intermittent)
  • Fire/overheat, gas or smoke alarm – red (solid)
  • Post alarm, operates Kidde extinguisher after 15 seconds, 30 seconds

Temperature range-               -40°F to 158°F/-40°C to 70°C
Quiescent current-                 50mA Nominal @ 24 V
Operating voltage range-       9 – 32 V

Available Panels
Fire Protection Panel
Fire & Gas Leak Panel
Gas Leak Protection Panel