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Product Description

Kidde Technologies’ Dual Band Optical Detector utilizes dual band detectors to sense a fire within one second of ignition. With false detection immunity, an alarm is only signaled when fires are fed by common fuel types. Status lights make maintenance and troubleshooting a breeze.

Benefits & Features

  • Responds to flames in field of view in less than one second
  • Uses patented dual-band technology
  • Ignores non-threat type flames and infrared energy found in vehicle environment
  • Status lamp provides diagnostics for maintenance personnel

When detection speed matters, there is nothing faster than Kidde’s Dual Band Optical Detector. Capable of detecting and reacting to a flame in less than a second, the Kidde Optical Sensor is the perfect match for sudden fire threats like turbochargers and fuel rails. Using our patented dual band technology, this ensures that false detections are a relic of the past. Two electronic eyes recognize different elements of a flame and the detector must see the threat in both eyes before initiating the suppression system. This allows the detector to determine if there is a fire or simply a hot surface, preventing an errant discharge.

Temperature-                    40°F to 257°F/-40°C to 125°C
Current draw-                   5mA nominal, 15mA max while alarming
Weight-                             0.6 lbs/0.27 kg
Operating voltage-            9 – 32 VDC
Enclosure-                         NEMA 4X rated with environmentally sealed weather pack connectors
Fire response-                   Less than one second
Detection field of view-      90°