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Product Description

The Armored Linear Thermal Detector (Armored LTD) is a twin conductor cable with a heat-sensitive covering protected by an armored metallic outer sheath. In a fire or overheat condition, the heat sensitive covering inside the armor melts, causing the conductors to short, which alarms the system.

Benefits & Features

  • Encased in a stainless steel flexible loom
  • Less maintenance than non-armored LTD
  • Easier installation than non-armored LTD
  • Requires replacement after activation
  • Available in a variety of lengths
  • Multiple detectors can be connected in series
  • Detector routed within hazard area

Alarm temperature-                             464°F/240°C
Operating temperature-                       392° F/200°C
Connector operating temperature-      257° F/125°C
Minimum bend radius-                         3 in./75 mm
Nominal current draw-                         0mA

Note: If the wire alarms to a fire, the wire must be replaced prior to returning the system to service.